Red Bull Energy Drink
Red Bull Sugarfree
Red Bull Red Edition: Cranberry


  Look for Hootie to find all of his favourites.


Rita Gone Wild

The Legendary

Our House Margarita featuring Olmeca Blanco tequila, is a great start to any legendary tale… Frozen or On the Rocks.

 Perfect 10 Margarita

Score big with Olmeca Blanco Tequila, Triple Sec and orange juice, served straight up. A perfect 10 everytime.
| R59.99

Rita Gone Wild

You only live once! Get crazy with Olmeca Blanco Tequila and Triple Sec liqueur.
| R59.99

Go WILD!!!

For an extra R9


Rum ‘n Gin

Pink Passion

 Pink Passion

Looking for some passion in your life? You’ve come to the right place! Enjoy a delicious mix of Malibu Coconut Rum, Triple Sec Liqueur, mango and pineapple juices.
| R49.99

 Gin ‘n Juice

Laid back with Beefeater Gin, a mix of fruit juices and a splash of Mtn Dew.

Clearwater Punch Daiquiri

Let us take you back to where it all began with Havana Club 3 Year Old Rum, and sweet strawberry puree topped with a float of Captain Morgan Dark Rum.
| R59.99

Strawberry Daiquiri

Havana Club 3 Year Old Rum blended frozen with wild strawberry extracts, lime and sultry strawberry juice.


Living up to its reputation of awesomeness, our Hurricane is made with Southern Comfort, Captain Morgan Spiced Gold and Captain Morgan Dark Rum.
| R49.99

Spiced Gold ‘n Cola

Rich and distinct Spiced Gold Rum mixed with the perfect amount of cola.
| R49.99

Long Islands

Long Island Iced Teas

 Tropical Long Island Iced Tea

It’s island time with Havana Club 3 Year Old Rum, Wybo Vodka, Beefeater Gin, passion fruit and cranberry juice.

Long Island Iced Tea

Our L.I.T. packs a punch with Havana Club 3 Year Old Rum, Wybo Vodka, Beefeater Gin, Triple Sec and a splash of cola.
| R59.99

Berry Long Island Iced Tea

Enjoy Havana Club 3 Year Old Rum, Wybo Vodka, Beefeater Gin, berry and a splash of cola.


Red Bull Vodka

Red Bull Spritzer

Fresh orange, mint, and vodka, muddled together with a dash of soda, finished off with Red Bull Red Edition: Cranberry.
| R59.00

Red Bull Vodka

Red Bull and vodka with a squeeze of lime. Choose your Red Bull Energy Drink. Red Bull Sugarfree or Red Bull Red Edition: Cranberry.
Single | R49.00
Double | R59.00

911 Bloddy Mary

 911  Bloody Mary

It’s hot, really really hot. Try our signature Bloody Mary
made with Wybo Vodka, tomato cocktail, and our 911 sauce.

Florida Oranges

Make your escape with the tropical blend of Wybo Vodka, Triple Sec, mango and passion fruit.
| R54.99

 Christmas Light Lemonade

A true Hooters classic created with Wybo Vodka, Apple Sourz and lemonade. Garnished with succulent fruits to add a bit of fun and flavour.
| R49.99

Sex on the Beach

A traditional fruity classic comprising of Wybo Vodka, Archers Peach Schnapps, grenadine and orange juice.
| R49.99


Wybo Vodka shaken with Triple Sec, lime and cranberry juice. Garnished with a citrus twist.
| R49.99

Purple Hooter

Wybo Vodka, Chambord Rasberry Liqueur and cranberry juice combined in this soon to be famous refresher.
| R49.99

911 Bloody Mary

Moscow Mule

See what all the fuss is about! Try a delicious blend of Wybo Vodka, lime cordial and ginger.
| R59.99

 happy Mule

It doesn’t get better than Wybo Vodka, grapefruit and lime cordial with ginger.
| R59.99

Melon Mule

It’s so good we dare you to only order one! Wybo Vodka, mixed with lime and ginger.


Orange Pride Sangria

 Orange Pride Sangria

We are proud to present our signature Sangria made with Cabernet Sauvignon and our secret blend of fruit juices.
| R64.99

Wine List

Durbanville Hills Chardonnay
GlassR34.99   Bottle | R129.99

Durbanville Hills Sauvignon Blanc
Glass | R34.99   Bottle | R129.99

Durbanville Hills Merlot
Glass | R39.99   Bottle | R149.99

Nederburg Rose
Glass | R34.99   Bottle | R129.99

Nederburg Stein
Bottle | R129.99

Nederburg Sauvignon Blanc
Bottle | R169.99

Nederburg Baronne
Bottle | R169.99

Nederburg Cabernet Sauvignon
Bottle | R184.99


Whiskey Long Island Iced Tea

 Whiskey Long Island Iced Tea

Calling all whiskey lovers! Embark on the amazing blend of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Jim Beam Bourbon and Jameson Irish Whiskey. Perfected with lime and topped with a splash of cola.

Irish Rita

Try our twist on the classic Margarita. Made with Jameson Irish Whiskey, our house Margarita mix and fresh lime.
| R64.99

 Black Jack Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, we’ll give you whiskey! Jack Daniel’s Tennesse Whiskey with a hint of blackcurrant.

Jameson ‘n Ginger

A perfect pair, made for one another. Jameson Irish Whiskey and the refreshing taste of ginger ale.
| R59.99

Whisky Dom Pedro

A mix of Scottish Leader Whiskey and ice cream for the perfect after meal indulgence.
| R39.99




 Blue Raspberry

Get back in the game with this big blue thirst quencher. Made with Absolut Raspberri Vodka, Blue Curacao and Mtn Dew.


A refreshing blend of Absolut Mandarin Vodka, peach purée and Mtn Dew.
| R59.99


Sure to cool you down when things get heated up. Made with Absolut Citron Vodka, melon syrup, lime and topped with Mtn Dew.

 The Red Sea®

Tipo Tinto. Need we say more? Share a jug of ‘Rhum & Raspberry’, sit back and enjoy!
| R104.99


The classic R&R from Moçambique. Tipo Tinto and Raspberry.

Supa c

Beefeater Gin, Strawberry Liqueur with a twist of lemon juice. You have to try this!
| R69.99 (serves 6)

Liquid Jumpstart

Wybo Vodka, Blue Curacao and lime. Keep the vibe going with 6 shots of fun.
| R89.99 (serves 6)


Jägerbomb Paddle

Jägerbomb Paddle

4 shots of Jägermeister served with a full can of Red Bull Energy Drink.
| R109.99


Cinnamon Liqueur and Amarula.


Kahlua, Cape Velvet and Stroh Rum.

Chocolate Cake

Vodka, Frangelico, orange slice and sugar.
| R29.99

B52 Bomber

Kahlua, Amarula and Olmeca Black.

Sowetan Toilet

Banana Liqueur, Amarula and Nachtmusik.
| R29.99


Peppermint Liqueur and Amarula.

Cookie Monsta

Caramel vodka and Cookies ‘n Cream Liqueur.
| R29.99

Vitamin C

Olmeca Black, orange slice and sugar.
| R34.99


Southern Comfort and lime cordial.
| R34.99


Jack Daniel’s and passion fruit cordial.
| R37.99